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November 8th - International Day of Radiology


Dear customers, 
did you know that on November 8th we celebrate the International Day of Radiology? For the last 7 years on this day it is focued on the importance of radiology, radiooncology and the field of oncological imaging.
It is no coincidence that this day was chosen. On November 8th, 1895 x-rays were discoverd by chance while investigating cathode rays by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. With this International Day the German Radiological Society (DRG) and the German Society for Radiation Oncology (DEGRO) together with nearly 200 national societies remember the discovery of x-rays and at the same time point out the diagnositic benefits and importance of this examination method.
Your GIERTH-Team

GIERTH donates X-Ray equipment to ANIMAL EDEN e.V.

The foundation ANIMAL EDEN e.V. is an organisation that supports projects with the vision to create a world of equality where animals and humans can coexist in harmony. One of their current projects supports an animal shelter in Moldavia and trys to help animals in need and those who take care of them. 

GIERTH X-Ray feels honored to support such an incredible cause and to be part of this project by donating, in addition to equipment for developing X-rays, an X-ray table, a transport case for an X-ray unit as well as an X-ray viewer.

If you want to support ANIMAL EDEN, please go to to find more information. 

f.l.t.r. Monika Kellner (ANIMAL EDEN e.V.), Matthias Kummich (GIERTH, Technican), Babett Rudolph (GIERTH, Order Management), Eva Georgi (GIERTH, Management Digital Systems und Quality Management)

See you in Berlin!

We will be in Berlin again this November.
On November 15th and 16th the DVG-Vet-Congress takes place at the Estrel Convention Center Berlin again.
Come and meet us at our booth!